Our Vision: A physically active and healthy lifestyle that is embraced by all in society

Our Mission: To advocate excellence in physical education and sports education to promote the development of a physically active and healthy lifestyle

Management Committee 2016 - 2018

  • Koh Koon Teck

    Koh Koon Teck

  • Goh Ek Piang

    Goh Ek Piang

  • John Wang

    John Wang
    Past President

  • Chow Mei Peng

    Chow Mei Peng
    Hon Secretary

  • Ong Bok Liong

    Ong Bok Liong
    Vice President
    Professional Dev

  • Leonard Koh

    Leonard Koh
    Vice President
    Research & Pub

  • Mariette Ong

    Mariette Ong
    Asst Hon Secretary

  • Helen Low

    Helen Low

  • Brian Lui

    Brian Lui
    Comm Member

  • Joel Chia

    Joel Chia
    Comm Member

  • Albert Chia

    Albert Chia
    Comm Member

  • Edward Yeo

    Edward Yeo
    Comm Member

  • Zason Chian

    Zason Chian
    Comm Member

  • Morna Tan

    Morna Tan
    Co-opt Member

  • Mhd Taufeek

    Mhd Taufeek
    Co-opt Member

  • Sufri

    Co-opt Member

  • Lishanth

    Co-opt Member

  • Andy Chua

    Andy Chua
    Co-opt Member

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Mission and Vision

The Singapore Physical Education Association is committed to the promotion of sound, professional physical education and a healthy lifestyle.

Past Presidents

Lau Teng Chuan 1975 - 1992
John Koh 1992 - 2000
Quek Jin Jong 2000 - 2006
Michael Koh 2006 - 2008
Goh Ek Piang 2008 - 2012
John Wang 2012 - 2016