The Outstanding Physical Education Teacher Award (OPETA) is one way SPEA recognises the outstanding contributions that physical education teachers have made to the teaching, development, and promotion of PE in Singapore.

The aim of the Outstanding Teacher-Coach Award (OCTA) is to recognize the outstanding contributions made by teacher-coaches with student-athletes in their respective sports or games in Singapore, and to encourage teacher-coaches in Singapore to raise their level of coaching practice.



Nominees must be PE specialists with at least five years of teaching experience. Associate, adjunct, and relief teachers are not eligible for nomination.

A specialist is defined as a PE teacher having one of the following qualifications:

- Bachelor / Postgraduate degree in PE and / or Sports Science or equivalent from recognised tertiary institutions,

- Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) with specialisation in PE, diploma in Education (PE), Advanced Certificate in Education and Certificate in Education of which the principal subject is PE, or

- Degree or Diploma in Sports-related courses from recognised tertiary institutions and Certificate in Technical Education (for ITE PE lecturers only)


Nominees must:

- Be a full-time teaching staff of an educational institution for at least five years.

- Be formally appointed by the same educational institution as the coach for the sport.

- Be actively coaching the student-athletes in the sport for at least a year.

Selection Criteria


- Possess strong PE content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and teaching competencies and be able to deliver developmentally appropriate lessons using a variety of effective, innovative and creative teaching strategies,

- Inspire students in cultivating a love for learning about PE and physical activity,

- Show evidence of positive teacher effect over time related to students’ learning and achievements in their PE experiences,

- Be a leader and role model in the PE community.


- Demonstrate good professional knowledge through effective, engaging and well-thought coaching methods, and implementing appropriate and varied modes of assessment that enhance student-athletes’ performance.

- Demonstrate good inter-personal knowledge by establishing a supportive culture built on strong rapport and mutual trust with student-athletes, actively engaging and maintaining good relationship with the stakeholders, e.g., parents involved in the sport or game, and being a role model in the coaching community.

- Demonstrate good intra-personal knowledge by establishing a habit of reflecting own coaching sessions regularly, and taking ownership in seeking learning opportunities to improve and develop oneself holistically.

- Show evidence of achievements and outcomes, e.g., student-athletes’ character development verified by testimonials, and competition results of student-athletes and/or teams.


Selection Process

There are 3 selection phases.
Phase 1: All nominations are submitted.
Phase 2: Shortlisted nominees from Phase 1 will be interviewed.
Phase 3: Shortlisted nominees from Phase 2 will have their lessons observed by OPETA committee members. Video recordings will also be taken at this stage.

OPETA committee members will deliberate and make a decision on the OPETA winner(s) for the year. Awardees will be notified by the committee.


Both soft and hard copies of the Nomination Form must arrive at the above addresses no later than 11 Jan 2019.

Incomplete application and those not endorsed by the Principal (for Schools) / Director (for ITE and Polytechnics) will not be considered.

Congratulations to the following OPETA 2017 award winners.


                           OPETA Award 2017

Mr Louis Ho J Yen from Seng Kang Secondary School


                               OPETA Award 2017

Mr Lincoln Lai Yeng Yew from Fernvale Primary School.


                            OPETA Award 2017 (Merit)

Mr Muhammad Nizam B Shahri from Montfort Junior School

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